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Hiveworks Comics
Page 68
Posted October 23, 2018 at 21:59
In case you haven't seen it on social media already: I've made a bit of a drastic decision to change Mare's design in the middle of the comic. Mare's design has changed a lot over the years since I first created them. I always had trouble drawing them and never was able to fully warm up to the design, until a few weeks ago I finally had an idea what to change about it so I would feel more comfortable and have mor fun drawing them. And then I figured, if I can change something so I like what I put out more, why not? I definitely had a lot more fun drawing them this time, and I can definitely see myself drawing them more outside of the comic as well, which is great! :D I hope it isn't too confusing and you can forgive my unprofessionalism. I'll try and go over the older dream scenes and redraw Mare in all of those so it's a little more consistent.